Job Creation Needs a Regional Strategy for Water and Sewer Infrastructure

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! That’s the one thing I always hear when I talk to people, we need more jobs.  Government can’t create jobs, but it can make sure the infrastructure is in place for businesses to create new jobs and keep the ones we already have.  While we’re hearing a lot about the two new bridges, there’s another type of infrastructure needed in Jefferson and surrounding counties: water and sewer.

A new manufacturing plant can’t be built or an existing business can’t expand if it can’t connect to water and sewer lines.  And once again, it’s the federal government bureaucracy that’s causing the problem. As communities face increasingly strict EPA regulations on water quality, many sewer facilities are operating at or beyond their capacity and are too small to be retrofitted to meet the new standards. 

To get the federal government out of the way I helped pass legislation (HB 26 – 2011) to create a Regional Sewer Commission as a pilot project for Jefferson, Hardin, Bullitt, Oldham, Meade and other counties in the area.

State legislators and local elected officials realize that regional sewer and wastewater management is crucial for growth and development without placing an undue burden on taxpayers. That’s why I made sure fiscal courts have to approve any rate increases above 5% per year and limit any increases to once per year.

I’m working hard to make sure our region gets new jobs, and I was encouraged by meetings last month with the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD), Homebuilders Association of Louisville and other local elected officials and agencies that are interested in creating a regional sewer commission.

Regional sewer management can be a win for everyone. A new facility would not only give us cleaner, better water but will save money in the future. I am hopeful that our progress toward achieving this goal will continue and help create more jobs in and around Louisville. 

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